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Back To Work

Summer is overWhile we may be jumping the gun a little bit with this title and image, it is true. Summer is coming to an end. We are all a bit sad about it, but on the plus side, everyone is now focusing their attention on what needs to be done in the work place over the next four months. This means getting that project done you’ve been putting off all summer long, as well as, planning what you need to do in 2014.

For us, it’s all hands on deck. During the summer a lot of organizations and political parties take a break from reaching out to their members or constituents. The reason for this is pretty simple. During the summer, most people aren’t paying attention to what is going on. They are enjoying their 2-3 month break from the hustle and bustle, and who can blame them?

Within the next 6 weeks, politicians will be heading back to their capital cities, buckling down, and doing what the people of their respected areas elected them to do. This also means public outreach and consultation.

We feel that our Telephone Town Hall platform is the best tool to use to let your constituents know what is on the agenda for the next few months, as well as being able to speak directly to the people of your area and find out what issues they may be dealing with, and how you, as their representative, can help.

Head over to our Telephone Town Hall page, and see how this tool can help you with your communications strategy. And with that, I am going to try and end on a lighter note. The end of the summer is always a drag, but here is a video from the good people at staples which can at least add a bit of humor to it.

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