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At Picea {Pie-See-Ah} Partners, we talk. We talk a lot. Through the power of the Telephone, we have brought millions of people together, from around the world, to be part of a conversation. Simply put; we get the world talking.

Founded in 2010, we were the first company to introduce the Telephone Town Hall meeting to the Canadian market. Since then, our vision for communication has allowed us to become a leading provider for industries spanning the globe.

We strive to offer to most accessible and user-friendly communication tools for our clients, as well as offering some of the most reliable and accurate consumer and business leads anywhere in North America.

Our experience reaches a large spectrum of industries, including all levels of Government, industry associations, local and international charities, NGO’s, not-for-profit groups, union groups, consulting groups and other private business. Even fortune 500 companies have been able experience the benefits of this powerful communication tools


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