Telephone Town Hall Meetings

Telephone Town Hall Meetings


At Picea Partners, we strongly believe in direct communication. In today’s digital world, where the keyboard seems to be the primary interface for communication, there is still no substitute for the connection of the human voice. Turning an idea into something great requires more than just a click of a mouse. Human connections and conversations are what get people listening and speaking. They are what motivate your members to rally behind your idea or cause. Enter Telephone Town Hall meetings. It’s a powerful communications tool that allows you to speak directly to your base.

Telephone Town Hall meetings provide you with a unique opportunity to, communicate and grow an idea, gain audience feedback, raise support, and so much more. So whether you want to speak to 100 people, 1 million people or somewhere in between, Picea Partners will help you become an essential partner in the conversation.

What Is a Telephone Town Hall Meeting?


How a Telephone Town Hall Works (Click to enlarge)

Telephone Town Hall meetings are a hybrid of a conference call and talk radio show. Telephone Town Halls give you the power to reach the people you want on a large scale, by simply using a telephone and personal computer. We dial out to your list of participants, and they join the event by simply answering their telephone. It’s really that easy! Participants enjoy this as they can take part in the conversation from the comfort of their own home, and the entire event is controlled through an easy to use web interface.

Standard Telephone Town Hall Features

Keep your participants engaged by utilizing one, or all, of these standard features:

Q&A: Participants interested in asking a question are first pre-screened, then the put into a Question & Answer queue. If their question is selected, they will ask it live during the call. All questions are captured in reporting.

Polling: Polls can be planned in advance or on demand. They are used to capture audience data such as perspectives and interests and to increase participation.

Voice Mails: At the end of the call, you can request that participants respond to certain questions or provide feedback via voice mail.

Reporting: Following each event, detailed reports that show participation types and times as well as detailed polling data

Why Telephone Town Halls?

A Picea Partners Telephone Town Hall is an event; It is an invitation to not only engage your members, but to give them a chance to be heard. With one call, you invite people to be part of a real conversation by instantly connecting members, constituents, employees and advocates seeking information and engagement. Through telephone town halls, Picea Partners allows you to get people talking.

Telephone Town Hall Benefits

  • Speak directly to a large audience
  • Building relationships
  • Directing the conversation
  • Participant education and engagement
  • Build into multiple levels of communication
  • More cost effective
  • Value that lasts

The Bottom Line

The bottom line? You will have unique insight into your participants. What they are thinking and how they are feeling about specific topics or issues. It’s information that can prove to be invaluable. And perhaps most importantly, you are strengthening your relationship by sharing ideas and building a conversation. Telephone town halls are one of the most effective means of communicating to a wide audience.

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