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Our conference call services take communicating with your organization members or employees to the next level. Introducing MicroForum. A communications solution ideal for the small to mid size businesses, and organizations. MicroForum is a dial in teleconference that still utilizes all of the unique features of a Telephone Town Hall meeting.

There are only two differences between a MicroForum and a Telephone Town Hall. The first being: It is smaller than a standard Telephone Town Hall meeting. MicroForum is designed to have up to 500 individuals connected to one interactive teleconference. The second is, like standard conference call services, participants dial into the event.

Why MicroForum

While your standard conference call services are nothing new, there have always been limitations. The number of individuals that can dial into a teleconference, individuals speaking over each other, useable data, and price have always been a draw back. With our conference call services, we have worked hard to solve each of those issues, while offering new tools that will allow your organization to engage your audience with a feature rich conversation.

Who Is this For?

There are many different types of organizations that can take advantage of our conference call services for their communication needs. Organizations such as:

  • Charities
  • Not-For-Profits
  • Associations
  • Franchises
  • Retail shops
  • Small/Med size business
  • Political parties

Standard MicroForum Features

Our conference call services have these features as standard:

  • No Contracts – Whether you need to host one event or one hundred, Picea Partners will not hold you to a lengthy contract
  • On Demand – A MicroForum can be set up in a matter of minutes, and is available 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Dedicated Dial In Number – You will be assigned both a dedicated dial in number and pin for your hosts, as well as your participants
  • Easy To Use Web Interface – Each MicroForum is controlled with a simply, easy to use web interface
  • Capacity – Each teleconference can accommodate up to 500 participants dialing in
  • Muted Lines – During a MicroForum, all participant lines are muted, and can only join the conversation by using their touchtone key pad to indicate that they have a question or comment
  • Pre-Screening – Each participant with a question can be pre-screened prior to asking their question
  • Q&A – Particpants have the ability to ask questions during the event by pressing a number on their touchtone phone
  • Real Time Polling – Engage your particpants by having them take part in real-time polling questions during your event. Participants take part by pressing numbers on their touchtone phone
  • Voice Mails – With our conference call services, you can give your participants who still might have questions the opportunity to leave a voice mail at the end of your event. Audio files of each voice mail are sent to you once your event has finished.
  • Audio Recording – Each MicroForum is recorded, and sent to you once your event has finished
  • Detailed Reports – Following the end of your event, you will be sent detailed reports show connections, time on the line, Q&A details, and detailed polling data
  • *Per-Minute Per-Person Rates – MicroForums are billed on a per-person, per-minutes basis. Picea Partners offers rates that are up to a third of the cost of other conference call providers

*Competition rates based on conference call services that offer the same features as MicroForum.

One Voice Can Become Many

MicroForum may be small in size but your message is not. Use it to launch a new product, hold teleconference meetings with your staff, spread an idea, or speak directly with your biggest supporters – 18 hours a day 7 days a week. With MicroForum, you can schedule a conference call at a moments notice and we will be ready. Be the conversation!

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